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Mar 2021 - Lisa, N3WQL Orbital Mechanics for hams

Jan 2021 - Lisa, N3WQL Earth's Ionosphere: The Science

Jan 2021 - NARA NARA 2021 Annual presentation

Jan 2021 - Lisa, N3WQL The Sun: What hams should know about it

Oct 2020 - Lisa, N3WQL Marine And Maritime Mobile Radio Operations

Sep 2020 - Bryant, KG5HVO Level Up Next Generation Contesting

Aug 2020 - Steve, KM4CJ Intro to FT-8 what you need to know

Jul 2020 - Rob NN4NT Solar Propagation Sun Cycles

Jun 2020 - Mark, N4BCD Field Day Quick-Start Guide 1&2

Jun 2020 - Wayne K4TTZ & Steve KM4CJ Field Day Messages & more

May 2020 - Friday program VHF Contesting More on VHF June contest

May 2020 - Friday program VHF Contesting Hilltop Roving

Apr 2020 - Warren, K4MMW VHF Contesting Friday, May 8 program

Apr 2020 - Warren, K4MMW VHF Contest Participate locally

Apr 2020 - Anita, Tom, Steve, Collin Advances in Ham Radio Nicely done

Apr 2020 - Laura, K4CNY Field Day & Social Distancing

Apr 2020 - Tom, KG4CUY The Branly Coherer modern spark-gap

Apr 2020 - M.D., WA4DXP Bicycle Mobile 2020 replaced 2013 program

Mar 2020 - Warren, K4MMW 6-Meters Operations & info

Mar 2020 - Laura, K4CNY Field Day 2020 Prep & info

Jan 2020 - NARA NARA 2020 Annual presentation

Oct. 2019 - Ron, NN4NT - Rob Suggs, Ph.D. How We Talked From the Moon

Sep. 2019 - Billy, KM4BGF - Local Nets Video Discussion

Jun. 2019 - Steve, KM4CJ - Pi Gate Portable emergency email gateway

Mar. 2019 - Bob, K8KI - Receiver Sensitivity Homebrew & Measure your own

Mar. 2019 - Tom, KG4CUY - Unusual Tubes Quite interesting

Jan. 2019 - Rob,N4WGY - Win-Link All you need to know

Jan. 2018 - Bob, K8KI - Audio Distortion and how to avoid it

Dec. 2018 - Ben Lowe, N4QF - Impedance Matching Your radio & antenna works better

Oct. 12, 2018 - Bob, K4RHB - How to setup a Ham Radio Station Good program for HF hams

Feb. 23, 2018 - Ben, K4QF - Trees, Foliage & Attenuation at V-UHF & microwave

Feb. 9, 2018 - Steve, KM4CJ - All About Digital modes D-Star, DMR & Fusion

Oct 27, 2017 - Bill, WB8ELK - Balloon Pico Flights around the world

Oct 20, 2017 - Rob Suggs, KB5EZ - Eclipse & Radio Prop Very complete

WHAT NOW ? (New Hams) - Book by K5DZE-Bob Patterson What to do with new license?

February 2017 - Mark, N4BCD - History of K4BFT Field Days Illustrated

FOXHUNT 10-14-16 rules & info (print)

August 2016 - Rob, N4WGY - Allstar Asterisk explained & details

May 2016 - Tom, K4AKC - End Fed antenna & QRP matchbox

April 2016 Jim Spikes N4KH, Chuck Lewis N4NM, Tom Duncan KG4CUY - Q-Signals & Prosign Jargon

March 2016 William, KK4FDF Kids & Astronaut - Hear HIS answers to their Q's

March 2016 - Wayne, K4TTZ & Steve, KM4CJ - Ham Radio GO-kits

November 2015 - Bob, K4RHB - How To Setup A Radio Station

September 2015 3-EL Tape Measure Beam for 2-M This is a collected file from M.D. WA4DXP

April 2015 W6JJZ Wire & PCV antenna for field Very simple doublet, 2 pcs. of wire

March 2015 John, K4JCH on Cross Band His slides on how to cross band repeat

March 2015 Ben K4QF 10 gigs, 1 watt to B'ham Using TV tower to reradiate from Hsv

February 2015 M.D. WA4DXP Mobile/Portable operation Antennas, Matching, Quick on-air styles

July 2014 Steve KM4CJ on Go-Kit: Portable station ready to GO on short notice

July 2014 M.D. WA4DXP on Apollo 11: Pics and titles from Special Event at SRC

May 2014 Program by Bill KD8IGK on Panadapters: Panadapter Spectrum Scopes

April 2014 Mobile Antennas by M.D., WA4DXP Mounts, Antenna types, matching and more

January 2014 Winlink 2000 by Rob, N4WGY WinLink 2000, RMS Express

January 2013 Feedlines & SWR by Mark, N4BCD Transmission Lines and SWR

October 2013 ARRL Sweepstakes by Jim, N4KH Everything you need to know

10 meter Antennas by Warren, KJ4RAQ 10 Meter Ant. Design & Delta Loops Pt. 1

10 meter Antennas by Warren,KJ4RAQ 10 Meter Ant. Design & Delta Loops Pt. 2 photos

6 Meters, Contacts, Ant. Design by N4KG, KY5R and K4SAV6 Meters by Tom, Tim and Jerry

APRS Operations by Bob Bruninga Automatic Packet Reporting System

Severe WX & APRS by Tim, N8DEU Severe WX and Automatic Packet Reporting System

Beacons By Tom, KG4CUY Tom Duncan, KG4CUY

Fixing a Dumont 403 scope by Bob Luther Resuscitating a DuMont 403

August, 2009 The First Mixer by Bob, K8KIWhere the Competitive Receiver Starts

Loop Antennas Vertical, Horizontal, Little, Large & Rhombic

LoTW Logbook By Johnny, KR4F $ Tom, KG4CUY LOTW Steps in Brief

LT Spice Modeling Analog Circuit Modeling & Simulation

Mechanical Improvements in Radios 50+ Years of Mechanical Improvements

Transistor Radio changes at 53 The Regency TR-1, 53 Years Later

October 2003 Bob, K8KI Noise, Interference, the FCC & the ARRL

April 2012 QRP - Jim, N4KH QRP Transciever projects by Jim Spikes

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