Any FCC licensed amateur is eligible for membership. Completed membership applications shall be submitted with payment or proof of online payment at any club meeting. A simple majority vote of members present is required to approve the application. A non-member who has distinguished himself in a praise-worthy manner may be awarded an honorary membership to the club with a two-thirds vote. You may pay online below using PayPal

Individual annual dues are currently $12.00 and $15.00 for a family membership. Annual dues cover the calendar year beginning January 1 through December 31. All annual renewals are due prior to 31 January. Applications submitted after July 1 may be eligible for a prorated fee

Please contact the club treasurer or secretary for a membership application:

Heath Thorson, KC4HRX, Treasurer : KC4HRX@GMAIL.COM

Art Gribensk, KG4EYG, Secretary : KG4EYG@AOL.COM

Online Renewal


You can pay for your initial membership dues or your renewal fee for your HARC, NARA, or PACKET membership below via Pay Pal.

  We are charged a small fee for the creditcard service which we will pass on as an additional $ 0.75
  If you want to pay for multiple items, click continue shopping on the Pay Pal page after each item.

HARC Individual Membership $12.00 + 0.75

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HARC Family Membership $15.00 + 0.75

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NARA Membership $18.00 + 0.75

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HUNTSPAC Packet Radio SIG $15.00 + 0.75




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