• THE WINNERS & Scores of 2017 & FM Sprint HERE Congratulations all!

    This is info about the 2017 HARC Simplex Sprint 2 meter night Saturday June 17, 2017 from 1800 to 2100 (6-9 pm) local time.
    All Hams (non HARC members) are welcome.
    HARC Rules on 2 meter FM Simplex Sprint Contest

    Objectives: Make as many contacts in different zip codes as possible, with only the 2M simplex mode using 100 watts maximum!
    Learn to program your radio, conquer "Mic Fright", and meet new friends.

    You can download the 2016 .pdf file (Same for 2017 as last year) of the rules and purpose of the three hour simplex sprint contest here. Read ALL of it carefully

  • Have Fun. 73, M.D. WA4DXP

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